Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on January 02, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
285 Small_arrow_up563 TAM BROWN's Podcast
446 Small_arrow_up479 The Pewter Plank Podcast
481 Small_arrow_up451 Brendan Chaplin's Podcast
204 Small_arrow_up439 Pat Divilly Fitness Podcast
453 Small_arrow_up348 Roke Cabrera's Podcast
295 Small_arrow_up324 DJ Doug Jackson
444 Small_arrow_up312 wayneg's Podcast
428 Small_arrow_up273 Music by Marina
389 Small_arrow_up267 BtK @ KU DE TA
472 Small_arrow_up266 In The Mix with Reggie TheJazzman
372 Small_arrow_up259 Worldwyde Sound
344 Small_arrow_up258 Ruan Legend's Podcast
476 Small_arrow_up252 After 5 Sessions
350 Small_arrow_up251 Prince020170's Podcast
471 Small_arrow_up233 DJ Jazzy Jeff's Magnificent Podcast
404 Small_arrow_up219 The Good Stuff
490 Small_arrow_up206 Kenneth's Podcast
449 Small_arrow_up203 Dragon and the Wolf Podcast's Podcast
456 Small_arrow_up198 ICIS PEPP Podcast
205 Small_arrow_up191 NewYork Rican Soul
376 Small_arrow_up191 Dei Musicale : The Musical Gods Podcast
473 Small_arrow_up187 Fuxion's Podcast
463 Small_arrow_up183 DJ JALIL Z'S PODCAST
414 Small_arrow_up182 DJ Christyle Podcast
286 Small_arrow_up181 Zettan och Fischer's Podcast
320 Small_arrow_up176 Jah Prince
331 Small_arrow_up171 DJ Winnie C In The Mix
488 Small_arrow_up169 Kronic: Handstands & Hangovers Podcast
142 Small_arrow_up168 The Art of Love Podcast
313 Small_arrow_up166 The Berman Show
451 Small_arrow_up164 Haitian All-StarZ's Music Mix
191 Small_arrow_up163 Men of Valor Program
495 Small_arrow_up163 Feed the Pig Podcast
408 Small_arrow_up157 ORANTES (Germán Nossa Ortiz)
72 Small_arrow_up154 LMG: The Soul Eclectics' Mix Podcast
429 Small_arrow_up154 Stevie G's podcast
377 Small_arrow_up152 DJ ARCH Soulful House Sessions
468 Small_arrow_up152 3 Chicks Review Comics
401 Small_arrow_up151 GluckRadio
242 Small_arrow_up149 Podcast de Felix Toran
301 Small_arrow_up147 The Soul Lounge
466 Small_arrow_up145 Amote Rádio
265 Small_arrow_up144 DJ Mr. King Mixshow Podcast
348 Small_arrow_up144 In Awe of God with John Paul Jackson
362 Small_arrow_up144 The Seminal Sessions
367 Small_arrow_up140 DJ TOUCH TONE MUSIC BLOG
457 Small_arrow_up137 JamJam Afrobeats Show
296 Small_arrow_up134 Keisha Caleigh's Podcast
450 Small_arrow_up132 El Sooper PODCAST!!

55x55-332x332+21+1_9033211 PLAY KAS - Podcast # 94
Podcast: Kader's Soulful/Deep/Afro House ...
From: KAS
Duration: 85 min. 33 sec.
55x55_3276600 PLAY Dirty Secrets...16 AUG,2010/Epis...
Podcast: Factory900's Podcast
From: Factory900
Duration: 64 min. 52 sec.
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55x55_613905 PLAY everlife,find yourself in you
Podcast: Girly's music downloads
Plays: 6,263 (Audio)
55x55_5321815 PLAY Re:Fresh 03: CHROMA
Podcast: Re:Fresh Your Mind * Deep- ...
From: Re:Fresh Your Mind
Plays: 5,859 (Audio)
Pcast55 PLAY sexy bitch
Podcast: rihanna's Podcast
From: rihanna
Plays: 5,710 (Audio)
55x55_8728579 PLAY AGNB Radio
Podcast: KDHR
From: KDHR
Plays: 5,554 (Audio)
55x55_1215685 PLAY Programa 2
Podcast: Brazil Pop Show!
From: Brazil Pop
Plays: 5,445 (Audio)
55x55_603168 PLAY Rhianna~SOS
Podcast: Mix 82.73 [Part 2]
From: George Henry
Plays: 5,084 (Audio)

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